Gransil VX Series is a versatile family of polydimethylsiloxane waxes designed to meet a variety of formulation needs; both oil and water-dispersible materials available. The new Gransil VX series differs dramatically from elastomers, as they alternatively form flexible silicone domains and more rigid hydrocarbon domains that enable specific structured property set for creating advanced products. Gransil VX series will improve cosmetic formulation leveling and rheology, while dramatically improving the hydration of dry, damaged skin with a non-tacky, highly aesthetic silicone feel. These performance features allow the Gransil VX series to successfully replace other occlusive agent such as lanolin and petrolatum. In particular, the Gransil VX products offer excellent shine and durable, long lasting wear feature for color cosmetics, while promoting pigment dispersing and adhesion on skin.


  • Superb moisture retention.
  • High shine and gloss.
  • Good adhesion and long wearing.
  • Oil thickening and stabilizing.
  • Non tacky skin feel.
  • Low melting point.
  • Oil soluble, water dispersible and water soluble options.
  • Globally approved.
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-mutagenic.
  • Recommended use level: 2-30%

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