Jan Dekker offers high efficacy natural antioxdants in the Phytrox range. Antioxidants are essential ingredients for retaining the freshness, colour, odour, safety, and integrity of personal care formulations. Phytrox antioxidants harness the natural ability of plants to inhibit oxidation (reaction with oxygen) and protect against rancidity. The Phytrox range contains highly effective blends of natural and plant-derived antioxidants, as well as high purity single ingredients and oil-based liquid formulations for easy dosing and incorporation into the oil-phase of your formulation. Suitable for a wide range of applications, these plant derived antioxidants offer a natural solution for protection from oxidation.


  • High efficacy natural antioxidants
  • Plant derived
  • Protection against oxidation and rancidity of cosmetic formulations
  • Effective blends of antioxidants
  • Single ingredients
  • Oil-based liquid formulations for easy dosing

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