There has always been a need for UV protection ingredients that optimize sun protection, are ultra transparent and provide outstanding sensory aesthetics. Grant’s UV CUT series offers complimentary pairs of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide products that may be formulated together to optimize a desired SPF profile. This series is perfectly suited for sunscreens, daily wear products and color cosmetic formulations with UVA and UVB protection. UV CUT series is manufactured under cGMP guidelines at our FDA site registered facility. UV CUT SERIES dispersions compared to powders are easier to handle overall when it comes to processing, safety and more efficacious. UV Cut SERIES are globally approved, with synthetic and natural options available.


  • Liquid and pourable format
  • Batch to batch consistency
  • Ease of manufacturer/scale-up
  • Minimal to no agglomeration
  • Minimal to no-emulsifier required
  • Excellent UVA & UVB performance
  • Ultra transparent
  • Optimal uniformity, particle size distribution and range
  • Globally approved
  • Cosmos approved options
  • 100% Natural origin; ISO 16128 = 1 options
  • Non-nano (Tested using DLS method)

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