Durasyn polyalphaolefin synthetic fluids have greater film thickness at high temperatures than comparable Group I, Group II or Group III mineral oils. This results in superior high temperature protection for equipment lubricated with polyalphaolefin-based synthetic lubricants. Lubricants containing Durasyn polyalphaolefin also achieve full lubrication more quickly at low temperatures than comparable mineral oil-based lubricants due to their superior low temperature viscometrics and lower pour points. Durasyn PAOs are used in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications including passenger car motor oils, wind turbine lubricants, heavy-duty diesel engine oils, fiber optic cable compounds, transmission fluids, compressor oils, hydraulic oils and gear oils. Durasyn PAOs are also authorized for use as components of food grade lubricants and are registered with the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) under H1 and HX-1 classifications.


  • - Excellent film thickness, improving high temperature protection
  • - Excellent low temperature fluidity
  • - Excellent sheer stability, improving protection against wear
  • - Excellent oxidative stability
  • - Excellent high temperature stability, less sludge and deposit formation
  • - High viscosity index
  • - Low friction properties based on combination of above features
  • - Biodegradable qualities and fully synthetic

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