METASHEEN is a range of vacuum-metalized aluminum pigments (VMP's) providing high-quality, high-value-added effects for a variety of end-use applications in coatings and inks. The highly reflective coating occurs as a result of the exceptionally smooth, flat, mirror like nature of the flakes. The products are composed of lamellar, non leafing aluminium flakes dispersed in a variety of solvents which have excellent covering power, the Metasheen® slurry has 10% metal content in solvent. Metasheen® pigment shades range from a white 'liquid silver' effect to a dark chrome like effect. For water based applications, there are specific grades which are stabilised.


  • Exceptionally high reflectivity
  • Substrate which should be as smooth as possible for maximum mirror
  • High pigment-to-binder ratios and high viscosity binders for maximum effect

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