Multi-purpose microbial formulations, containing select strains of bacillus bacteria, chosen for their powerful enzymatic capabilities to degrade a wide range of organic substrates


  • * Application-specific microbial products
  • * Scientifically verified & validated for efficacy
  • * All Bacillus species and strains within the Evozyme range are safe to use, non-pathogenic, harbour
  • no toxicity towards humans or animals
  • * Eco-benign® products, formulated with superior chemical technologies combined with specialised bacillus cultures to have a gentle or harmless effect on the environment.
  • * Stable spore formulations offer long term product stability
  • * Manufactured in accordance with recognised international standard ISO 9001 to guarantee quality,
  • integrity and reproducibility
  • * Evozyme is designed using innovative and dedicated R&D into microbes, their genome, enzyme profiles and degradation capabilities

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